Young man returns lost bag full of cash to owner after finding it at grocery store: “‘I hope my son grows up to be just like him”

It may or may not be for you, but a little act of kindness can make someone’s day and bring a smile to their face. Being kind to a stranger leads to a conversation and you can form new friendships with people. Therefore, it will help you in socialising! With everything going wrong in the world, reading a story about kindness towards strangers really helps restore your faith in humanity! This young man probably understood that a small act of kindness will come back to you unexpectedly and in a better way which will leave you in awe.

The woman from California, Eliana Martin, was doing a normal day of shopping and when she arrived home from the grocery store, she realised she had left her wallet behind. The woman panicked and immediately did what everyone does when they lose their wallet – she canceled her credit cards and remembered she had left her bag in the shopping card she had used while at the store, NBC 7 reports.

But luckily for her, the person who spotted her bag only had honest intentions. Adrian Rodriguez saw the bag and not for a second thought about keeping it. “My first thought was to give it back. I was debating whether I should take it back to the store or just bring it [to her], and I just brought it,” he said. He decided on handing the bag over to Martin himself instead of handing it over to the store. He found her address in the contents of her bag and went over to her place.

He rang the doorbell and handed Martin’s bag over to one of her relatives and left. Martin later recalled feeling surprised at seeing Adrian in the ring video at her door, holding her bag to return it to its rightful owner. Impressed by his honesty, Martin’s friend, Melina Marquez, said, “We should find him, so we can give him a little gratitude.”

Both the women met Rodriguez to thank him in person. Marquez said to him, “As soon as I saw his actions, I was like, ‘I hope my son grows up to be just like him.’ The values his parents were teaching him, I’m just glad he kept that.”

Adrian was surprised at their gratitude and revealed that he had not really expected anything in return. He said, “I didn’t expect nothing back, honestly. I just gave back her purse.” The women are now organising a GoFundMe Page to raise money to reward the young man’s good actions. Their goal was to raise $1000 but they managed to raise more than twice as much!