You should always knock on the hood of your car before you leave when it’s cold out – The reason behind it will surprise you!

It’s winter time and it’s terribly cold in many places in the world. Whether your street is covered in snow or it’s just icy cold outside; we prefer staying in when the weather is wintry like this. Yet sometimes it just can’t be helped and we have to leave the house for a while. We’ll usually sprint from our front door to the car to be out of the cold as quickly as possible. People from Massachusetts should do this, because their state is one of the top 3 cat-loving states in the U.S.

It’s important to not skip this one step. Taking the car out for a drive somewhere? Make sure you knock on the hood before you take off!

We’re not the only ones who prefer to hide away when it’s so cold outside. Animals aren’t very fond of being outside right now either and they seek out warmer places as well – like under the hood of your car. When you’ve just taken a drive, the engine still has to cool down and that makes it the perfect spot for a cat to snuggle up in.

On top of one of the tires or underneath the car are also places where cats like to hide away. If you don’t check underneath and around your car before you take off, you might endanger the life of a cat when you start your car.

Since cats are extremely alert and scare quickly when sudden movements are made, it’s enough to just knock on your hood a few times before taking off. If there is a cat hidden away down there, the knocking will wake it up and it’ll skedaddle right away. This way you’ll create a safe environment for everyone!