Woman tried to ran over two minor children with her SUV, striking one of them, because one of them was “Mexican” and the other child was “just like ISIS”

According to the court documents, the 42-year-old woman pleaded guilty to hate crime charges for attempting to kill two minor children with her SUV because of their race and was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Thursday. She was sentenced to 304 months in federal prison on each count, with the sentences to run concurrently with each other as well as with a related state charge

Her name is Nicole Marie Poole Franklin an back in April, she pleaded guilty to two federal hate crime charges stemming from a pair of racist incidents that took place on the same day in December 2019 involving her using her Jeep Grand Cherokee to hit a 14-year-old Hispanic female and a 12-year-old Black boy.

Prosecutors say the defendant attempted to kill two children because of the way they looked and where she believed they came from. Children deserve to walk the streets of their neighborhood without fear of violence because of what they look like and where they come from and deserve to grow up in a world where they are not targeted simply because of who they are. 

When the 42-year-old woman from Iowa saw the children, she drove her vehicle over the curb towards both children, striking one of them. The child was left with cuts, bruises, and swelling. The woman drove away from the scene.

According to the court documents, 30 minutes later, she saw the second child victim walking on the sidewalk. She drove her vehicle over the curb and rammed into the child causing serious injury, including a concussion, bruises, and cuts before again fleeing the scene.

She was arrested a few hours after the hit-and-run incidents. She told authorities about the hit-and-run incidents and that she ran over a young boy because he was “just like ISIS.”

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