Walmart has chosen five Kansas manufacturers who will meet with buyers to pitch their products against almost 1,000 other businesses

Lawrence, KS – According to the officials, Walmart has chosen its finalists for the eighth annual Open Call event, with over 1,000 small and mid-sized businesses getting official invitations to pitch their shelf-ready products to Walmart buyers.

This marks the largest number of business owners that have ever taken part in the event, which includes five businesses with products manufactured in Kansas.

Walmart will hold its Open Call in a virtual format for the second year and is set for June 30.

Suppliers represent all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

According to the officials, each participant will have one on one meetings for 30 minutes with buyers where they will have the chance to pitch their products.

They could get deals that range from a few local stores to supplying hundreds of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations as well as and Walmart Marketplace.