THIS is why everyone sprinkles ground cinnamon all over their gardens! Genius!

When you know this, you’ll try it straight away as well! Cinnamon is a lovely spice to use in your cooking or baking. It can spruce up most dishes and we can’t think of any dish including cinnamon we don’t like. But did you know you can also use this spice in your garden?  It’s so easy but it can make a huge difference!

Cinnamon has been popular for a long time. It used to be a very valuable spice during trade as well as an ingredient in certain types of medication, but nowadays we use it solely in the kitchen. Whether you use it in a smoothie or in a nice cinnamon and apple cake, we can’t imagine a kitchen spice rack without cinnamon in it. But did you know that cinnamon can also be used for other purposes? Take your cinnamon out of the kitchen and into the garden for a change.

When you start gardening, you could visit a garden centre and buy all kinds of fancy products to combat different garden ailments. But the great thing about cinnamon is that it’s pretty cheap and you can buy it in every supermarket. It couldn’t be easier! So, have we gotten you curious about what good this spice can do for your garden? Keep reading, because we’ve made list!

Why you need to use it

It repels ants: Have you got ants in your garden and do you want to get rid of them? Sprinkle some cinnamon on a spot that’s popular with the ants. The powdery substance can cause the ants to choke when they breathe it in. Plus, the smell makes it impossible for them to smell any food. And the nice thing about cinnamon? It isn’t harmful to children or animals.

It kills mushrooms: Mushrooms don’t stand a chance if you sprinkle some of the ground spice on the soil in your garden. The cinnamon will combat the mushrooms that are still close to the ground. That’s because the spice has antifungal properties which will stop the mushrooms from growing.

It protects seedlings against diseases: Seasoned gardeners will know that growing new plants out of seeds doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Luckily, cinnamon can help you out. Like we mentioned, it has antifungal properties. This helps the seedlings to keep growing without becoming sick!

It keeps mosquitos out of your garden: Sprinkle some cinnamon around your plants and you’ll see that mosquitos will stop coming anywhere near them. Mosquitos, but other insects as well, absolutely hate the spice. The smell is much too strong for them, which will cause them to stay away from your garden.

It heals sick plants: Have you been a bit clumsy and have you damaged one of your plants? Is there a tear in a leaf or stalk? You can speed up the healing process by applying some cinnamon to the plant.

It makes roses sturdier: Have you cut some fresh roses out of your garden to replant them somewhere else? Dip them into some cinnamon before replanting them. The spice will kind of work like a rooting hormone.