The Lawrence City Commission is weighing in on ordinance 9828, which could ban the use of conversion therapy for minors in Lawrence

Lawrence, KS –  According to the statement, the commission’s debate came quickly after LGBTQ+ rights came under attack in Kansas, as the state senate recently voted to ban transgender students from playing girls sports.

Roeland Park is the first and only city in Kansas to ban conversion therapy for minors. The city approved the ordinance banning the practice in summer 2020. 

The proposed ordinance defines conversion therapy as any practice, counseling or purported treatment that seeks to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

It does not include counseling that gives assistance to someone exploring their identity or undergoing any procedures pertaining to gender transition. 

The proposal will prohibit licensed, certified or registered medical or mental health professionals from providing conversion therapy. Clergy or pastoral counselors who give religious counseling to congregants are excluded. 

According to the officials, the punishment for practicing conversion therapy could be a fine up to $500.