The federal government will accelerate its distribution of COVID-19 vaccine next week, doubling the doses in Kansas to about 90,000

KANSAS – This week President Joe Biden announced major deals with vaccine developers Pfizer and Moderna to buy 200 million more vaccine doses — 100 million from each company — in a move meant to speed up vaccinations nationwide.

Gov. Laura Kelly said:

“I spoke with the Biden administration on Tuesday. And I was told that we would be receiving close to 90,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine next week. That’s double what we had been seeing just three weeks ago. We are continuing to urge the federal government to increase the number of vaccines we receive and they are actually doing so.”

At this point, demand for the vaccine nationwide far exceeds supplies, leaving people frustrated and angry. Vaccinators stand at the ready, but there’s little vaccine.

Gov. Kelly also mentioned that 82 pharmacies in 32 Kansas counties were expected to receive about 10,000 doses initially.