The City of Lawrence will receive $30,505 from the Department of Justice to boost the local law enforcement agencies

Lawrence, KANSAS – According to the state officials, $839,491 in Department of Justice grants will support Kansas law enforcement agencies.

Officials say that the grants will be divided through 10 communities in Kansas.

Grant recipients are as follows:

  • Sedgwick County – $443,481
  • Wyandotte County – $100,030
  • City of Olathe – $81,107
  • Shawnee County – $79,639
  • City of Lawrence – $30,505
  • City of Leavenworth – $30,016
  • Riley County – $24,567
  • City of Salina – $21,435
  • Junction City – $14,747
  • Garden City – $13,964

Sen. Moran released the following statement:

“As crime rates are increasing, these grants will fund the purchase of new equipment, development of outreach programs and update outdated technology to help our local law enforcement carry out their responsibilities to protect our communities.

Through my role as the lead Republican on the subcommittee that funds these grants, I am working to make certain we provide every officer, captain, lieutenant, chief and sheriff with the resources they need to fulfill their duties.”