Starting the week of March 22, Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health and its partners will earmark 70% of the doses to those still unvaccinated in Phase 2 and the remaining 30% to those in Phases 3 and 4

Lawrence, KS – According to the officials, Douglas County will begin Phase 3 and 4 vaccinations during the week of March 22.

Gov. Kelly announced that counties can begin to vaccinate Phases 3 and 4 on March 22. The Unified Command leader made plans to complete the remaining Phase 2 vaccinations and begin Phases 3 and 4.

Unified Command leaders estimate about 3, 000 people qualify for Phase 2 and have not yet gotten a vaccination. It said Phase 2 includes residents 65 and older and essential workers, including K-12 educators and food service workers. It said leaders hope to complete Phase 2 in the next week.

Douglas Co. said any resident who qualifies for Phase 2 but has not yet been contacted for an appointment should complete the Vaccine Interest Form again at

The allocation will shift toward Phases 3 and 4 as Phase 2 comes to a completion.

As with Phase 2, the County said Unified Command partners will continue to put 10% of those doses aside for those that face extra barriers to getting the vaccine or might need help registering.