“Sit your ugly a** down”, Teacher shoved male student to the ground in front of his classmates as the teen tried to leave the classroom

The 44-year-old man, who was hired in August 2020 as a social studies teacher, was reportedly caught on a video shoving a 14-year-old student. Police officials said the educator reportedly shoved the student to the ground during an argument during class on Monday. The school officials said that the teacher is no longer with the school district.  

The 44-year-old teacher from Georgia, Marquette Thinn, is now charged with simple battery. Thinn was reportedly seen on video pushing a 14-year-old male student as the teen tried to leave the classroom at Salem High School , according to reports.

According to the police officials, the cell phone footage reportedly shows Thinn as he yells at the freshman before the teen decides to walk out of the classroom. 

The student is heard saying: “I ain’t say s*** to you.”

As the unidentified student walks towards the door, the 44-year-old teacher can be heard cursing at the teen before demanding that he sit down somewhere.’

The teacher yelled “Sit your ugly a** down” before pushing the teen to the floor, leading to a reaction of awkward laughter and shock from the other students. 

The 44-year-old teacher was reportedly dismissed a day after Tuesday’s incident, said a spokesperson for the school district on Wednesday. 

It remains unclear whether Thinn quit or was fired. 

The video left students and parents stunned and outraged.   

County Sheriff’s Investigator Figuerora said that interviews with the teacher and the teen following the incident have since shed light on what what occurred both before and after the video was taken by a student that morning. 

Figuerora reportedly said:

“When I first did see it, it looked pretty clear that the student was assaulted by the teacher. Yes, the student was pushed to the ground. It wasn’t a strike or like a closed fist strike, but I know it was hard to see. In reference to that, both the teacher and the student acknowledged it was just a push and nothing more than that.”

Officials with the school district said that the 44-year-old teacher did not conduct himself professionally, leading to the ending of his employment from the school as well as misdemeanor criminal charges levied against him.

The unidentified student complained of minor wrist injuries. The 44-year-old teacher turned himself into authorities on Wednesday and was charged with simple battery.

This incident remains under investigation. This is a developing story and it will be updated as new information become available.