People are putting their old newspaper in their garden and THIS is why – It will save you a lot of time!

Do you usually throw your newspaper in the trash as soon as you’re finished with it? In the future, you might want to consider keeping it a little longer. Your old newspaper is actually quite useful when gardening. Why? Let’s find out! Gardening will become much easier with this trick. Are you always outside and do you love gardening? Then you’ll know that removing weeds can be an annoying and strenuous task. Those unwanted plants keep popping up and seem to be literally everywhere. You know they need to be removed, or else your garden will be overgrown in no-time. But, what if we told you that you can get rid of those annoying weeds with one simple trick? You only need an old newspaper, it’s really easy!


How does it work? By putting an old newspaper in your garden it will block out the sunlight and fresh air. This suffocates the weeds and they will die. It also prevents new weeds from growing, so even if you have no weeds at the moment, this trick can still be useful.

How to do it

Collect enough old newspapers to cover the area you want to keep free of weeds. No plants can grow on the places you have covered with newspaper, so make sure you only place it around already existing plants or leave space where you want new plants to grow. Cover the ground with newspaper and use a garden hose to make them wet. Some people say to wait 24 hours before covering the papers, but you can also immediately cover the newspapers with mulch. Make sure you cover all the papers with mulch. You will notice that your garden looks extremely tidy, and it will stay this way!


This is a great technique for people who want a neat-looking flowerbed but who hate pulling out weeds. Just make sure your pretty flowers and plants have enough space to breathe and absorb water. This video explains how you can use newspapers (or cardboard) in your garden clearly: