Mother stormed into police station with a knife to stab the man who abused her dead daughter’s body

With a knife in her hand and rage running through her mind, a devastated mother stormed off to a police station to stab the man, who raped her daughter’s dead body. The mother revealed the moment authorities informed her about how her precious 24-year-old daughter was abused after she passed away. After being told about the incident, she rushed to the nearby police station to stab her daughter’s monstrous abuser.

Overcome by a furious rage, the mother from UK, Nevres Kemal, grabbed a knife and ran out to punish the 66-year-old man, David Fuller, who abused her daughter’s, Azra Kemal, body thrice while it was kept at a hospital mortuary.

“My only thought was, ‘He is not going to get away this,'” Nevres said. “I’d just been told he’d abused her in hospital when she was dead. It was incomprehensible. I felt I had to take things into my own hands—find him, punish him. I’m her mother.”

When details about the necrophiliac came out, it was reported that Fuller $exually assaulted the bodies of at least 99 dead women. These bodies belonged to females aged between 9 and 100, and Fuller $exually assaulted them while he was working at the hospital for about 12 years.

Azra’s body was one of the dead victims he violated on three different occasions. On one occasion, Nevres went to the hospital and had no idea that Azra’s corpse had been $exually assaulted just before she paid a visit.

“I was kissing my daughter’s mouth and face where he had abused her—and touched her hair and touched her skin,” said the heartbroken mother. “He took her shroud off. How do you… that image… how?”

Less than a month ago, authorities went to Nevres’ house and told her about the incidents that took place while Azra’s body was in the hospital mortuary. She then ran out of the house with a knife, thinking she would find Fuller in the nearby police station.

“If I’d found him, I’m 99.99 percent sure I’d have put that knife straight through his heart because he’d put a knife through mine. The thought of him violating her—of touching her hair, touching her skin…” Nevres said. “But as I walked towards the police station, all hell broke loose. Police officers seemed to spring from everywhere. I was handcuffed and thrown to the floor by eight or nine of them. The two officers who had come to the house had telephoned in and said I was running around with a knife. But the police who arrested me didn’t know what had happened. I was crying: ‘My daughter was raped in hospital and she’s dead.’ They were looking at me, going, ‘Does this woman need psychiatric help?'”

As they read her rights to her, Nevres remembers shouting: “What are you doing? I need to put an end to this. No one is violating my child. I am her mother. I’m here because I’m looking for Dave. He needs to be punished.”

The mother was then kept in a cell for about 34 hours by the officers, who thought she may end up hurting herself. The police officers grew softer with her once they found out what happened to her daughter, and Nevres was eventually released from custody.

What Nevres didn’t know when she stormed off to the police station was that Fuller was being held elsewhere. Fuller is still awaiting a date for his sentencing. This story will be updated as new information become available.