Mother kills infant twins because she couldn’t “take it anymore.” One was found with a knife in his head

At just six weeks old, twins lost their lives because their mother didn’t want them.The New York Police Department discovered the six-week-old twins, a boy and a girl, inside the Woodside Houses. The gruesome discovery was made after a relative had requested for a wellness check to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) building in Woodside after the 23-year-old mother gave evasive answers when asked about her babies’ whereabouts.

When the cops showed up, the mother—whose name has not been released— was at home, agitated. “I do not want them,” she reportedly told arriving officers. “I can’t take it anymore,” the mother added, according to sources.

First, the cops found Dallis inside a bedroom crib, with stab wounds on him. Reports suggest that a knife was sticking out of his head as well. When asked about Dakota, the mother pointed towards the sink. 

“She pointed towards the sink,” NYPD Housing Chief David Barrere said at a Thursday night press briefing. Following the woman’s instructions, the cops found the tiny body wrapped in a pink blanket under the kitchen sink. 

Both babies were pronounced dead on the scene by EMS and their causes of death will be revealed by the city’s Medical Examiner’s Office.

The mother was cuffed and taken to the 114th Precinct for questioning, sources said. Barrere revealed that apart from receiving a summons, the woman has no prior criminal records to her name. 

Neighbors said that the woman had just moved into the apartment a month ago, and they were in shock about the information. “I’m so sad. I’m shook. I’m heartbroken,” Janelis Perez, 31, said, tearing up.

“It’s disbelief we’re all feeling here. We just can’t believe it happened this close to home,” she said. Another resident, Ken Dostis, 65, said: “I’m sickened. I’m dismayed … it’s just horrendous.”

The woman’s neighbor next door said she couldn’t believe something like this had happened, adding that they were a very quiet family. “I never heard any babies, crying or arguing or nothing,” said a woman, who declined to identify herself. “They were just quiet people. You wouldn’t know there were babies inside,” she said.