Mother caught shoving her son into the trunk of her car and screaming: “Get in there before I f–k you up”

Caught red-handed, a woman was seen shoving her 5-year-old son inside the trunk of her vehicle in broad daylight on Wednesday, August 4, 2021. The 33-year-old mother was seen pushing the little boy inside the trunk and then closing the door shut on a street. As details of the investigation came out, it was reported that the woman and her son were homeless when the shocking incident took place.

“Get in there before I f*** you up,” the mother was heard yelling at the defenseless boy, who was reportedly her own son.

Thankfully, a passerby was there to witness the entire ordeal and capture the incident on camera.

“Dude, you can’t f****** put that kid in a f****** trunk,” the bystander said.

Although the bystander could not be seen in the video, she could be heard vehemently standing up for the boy and demanding, over and over again, that the mother let the child out of the vehicle’s trunk. Eventually, she opened the trunk and allowed the boy to get out.

The concerned witnessed who confronted the mother had also called the police to inform them about her actions. The witnessed also passed on the recorded footage to them to help with their investigation.

“Police received information that a woman, later identified as 33-year-old Chelsea-Rae Trujillo, was forcefully placing her 5-year-old male child in the trunk of her vehicle,” the Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Officers attempted to locate Trujillo in several locations in Colorado. She and her child are currently homeless. They were last seen in a mid-2000s blue Chevy Malibu with no license plates.”

After a major search was launched to find the mother and child, the police located Chelsea and arrested her on Thursday. The little boy was also found and seemed to be in no harm; authorities placed him in the care of the DHS while the mother was taken into custody.

The police department later posted an update on Facebook and wrote: “33-year-old, Chelsea Trujillo and her son were located by the police. Trujillo was arrested on child abuse and restraining order violation. Thank you to everyone who assisted on this case.”

Sgt. Ortega spoke about the incident and said, “Obviously, I think anybody who looks at that video would be concerned about the welfare of that little boy… We saw what we saw in the video, but we need to look at the whole thing, that’s why detectives are involved.”