Mom asks strangers online if she should shave her baby’s hairy arms and legs or not

When babies are born they can either have a head full of hair or nothing on it at all. But one mom Bri Shelby, who goes by the name @blshelby on TikTok, was left surprised as her little one had more than just that- he had hairy arms and legs. Apparently, her son grew the little coat due to his medication for congenital hyperinsulinism. While the child’s overgrowth of hair didn’t diminish his cuteness, his mom was left questioning whether she should do something about it or not.

Shelby took to the video-sharing platform and shared a clip featuring her son: “When your baby becomes hairy from having to take medicine,” she wrote in the caption of the post which was viewed over 79.2 million. Curious users posted many questions asking the mom about her baby’s condition that led to the overgrown body hair.

“He was put on a medicine called diazoxide, explained the mom in a follow-up video. He does not need his hormone levels checked. He did not have any hair like this when he was born — it came after he started the medicine.” 

She said that her baby has a rare condition and to help his condition he had to be on a certain medicine that caused this hair growth. Now congenital hyperinsulinism (HI) is a “genetic disorder in which the insulin cells of the pancreas, called beta cells, secrete too much insulin. Excess insulin causes low plasma sugar or low blood sugar.If diagnosed late, hypoglycemia can also cause brain damage. Apparently, Shelby’s baby remained in the hospital for two and a half months due to his condition. 

While TikTok user firmly defended her son initially, she began wondering if she should do something about his hairy legs and arms or not. In yet another clip, she asked, “Should we shave his legs and arms? Comment what y’all think.” Unsurprisingly, people were left shocked that Shelby even asked that question. “Please do not shave a baby! Possible infection for what? A beauty standard? It’s just hair and normal,” wrote one.

Others provided reasons why she shouldn’t be doing it. “No it will be itchy and uncomfortable when it grows back baby is fine as is,” shared one user. “I don’t think you should. I would be afraid to make it worse, but maybe ask the doctor,” another suggested. While there were some who advised her to use a lady Schick shaver, some joked about opting for laser hair removal.




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