Massachusetts State Police find 3,100 bags of heroin inside box of Frosted Flakes during traffic stop

While finding a cereal box inside a car during a search might not be an odd find for Massachusetts State Police, it’s what inside that’s caught the attention of many – 3,100 bags of heroin.

On July 16, shortly after midnight, Trooper Boutell spotted a vehicle with improperly illuminated auxiliary lights and an illegal handwritten license plate and initiated a traffic stop.

According to a post on Facebook, the driver of the vehicle provided Boutell with an expired Vermont license. The driver, Justin Butchino, 31, also had difficulty providing documents to prove the vehicle he was driving was properly registered.

After asking for the passenger’s identification, Boutell attempted to verify the vehicle’s registration status, but could not.

He did however discover that Butchino was driving with an expired and a suspended license, and that led to the driver being placed under arrest.

By now, Trooper Brian Vaidulas arrived as backup so he and Boutell were able to search the driver, passenger, and the vehicle.

They found a “bundle of heroin” on Butchino, and when they searched the passenger, Justin Gilliam, 36, they found a bag that appeared to be filled with crystal methamphetamine.

The state troopers searched the vehicle and in addition to finding other drug paraphernalia, they found a box of Frosted Flakes that was packed with 3,100 bags of heroin.

Both men were arrested and charged with several drug related charges including Possess Class A Drugs, Trafficking in Class A Drugs, and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law.