Man stabbed woman, then swung her son by his legs and smashed the baby’s head against the walls

A mother and her baby boy made an astonishing recovery after being put through an absolute nightmare. Both the mother and baby were rescued after neighbors saw a kitchen knife, covered in blood, lying outside the house.

“We moved round to the front of the house and looked through the letter box,” a neighbor said.”The lady was lying in blood on the floor and we called the police.”

“The woman was lying in blood on the floor to the side of the door in the corner,” another local said. “A broken kitchen knife with blood on it was lying on the door mat…”

When police arrived at the house in Tipton, UK, they found Aamer trying to shield himself using the seven-month-old baby, who was badly injured from being smashed into the bedroom walls. Aamer tried to avoid being arrested, but the police managed to Taser him and take him into custody. 

As details of the case came out, it was revealed that Aamer, a drug-crazed thug, had stabbed the 37-year-old mother repeatedly and left her unconscious in a pool of her own blood. Aamer then grabbed her son and swung him with his legs, letting the baby’s head bang against the walls.

Soon after the police arrived at the scene, the mother and baby were rushed to the hospital.

“They brought the baby out first through the front door then carried the woman out through the back on a stretcher. She was in a bad way,” one neighbor said.

The baby was in critical condition with head injuries, whereas the mother suffered stab wounds on her face, hands, and thigh. She was left with a fractured hand as well after the attack that took place in May 2020.

As investigations went on, Aamer was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and was found to be a regular cannabis user.

“This was dreadful incident with mother and son suffering terrible injuries, but remarkably the little boy has made an astonishing recovery, although he will still need to be monitored as he grows, to determine if there are any lasting effects,” said Detective Constable Deb Bullman, from West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit. “His mother still has physical and mental scars for which she is receiving on-going support. Domestic abuse remains a key priority for us.”

Talking about how the force has seen a spike in domestic abuse cases, the officer went on to say, “Since the start of the pandemic last year we have seen an increase of 17 percent in domestic-related incidents, but we have not reduced our response to victims. The force responds to more than 200 incidents per day and we remain committed to catching perpetrators.”

“We urge anyone who is not feeling safe in their own home to seek help,” Bullman added.¬†About a year after the brutal attack, Aamer was sentenced to 12 years in prison. However, this was reduced to eight years after he pleaded guilty on a lesser charge. Following his release, Aamer will also serve four years on license.