Man pulls out his grandpa’s ears from his pockets after beating him dead: “It was his time to go”

After a disturbing 911 call was made, deputies arrived at a house in Florida to find a 30-year-old man standing on the porch next to his grandfather’s body. With bloodstained hands and arms, he waited outside as officers confirmed whether the elderly man was dead. At one point, as he was sitting on a vehicle, he casually reached into his pant pockets and pulled out two objects covered in blood.

“What is that?” one officer asked him. “Those are ears,” another officer said in shock. Kolby was holding the ears he cut off of his grandfather after brutally attacking the 77-year-old man named Ronal Wells Sr.

While speaking to officers, Kolby also asked an officer if he could see his gun, and when the officer refused, he went out of control and lunged forward at the officer. It took five officers and a Taser to get the man to calm down. Following the attack on his grandfather, Kolby himself was the one who made the disturbing 911 call where he told the dispatcher: “I’d like to report an incident here. I had a Vietnam veteran attack me, and I had to defend myself. It just got out of control.”

“We were smoking a bowl of pot on the table,” Kolby went on to say while speaking to the 911 dispatcher. “We were just sitting here talking. And all of a sudden he grabbed a hold of the knife, tried to swing at me and I had to defend myself. And now he’s sitting here dead.” However, investigators felt Kolby’s version of events did not match the evidence they found at the scene. Eventually, Kolby claimed he carried out the attack because he “wanted his grandfather to be with his deceased grandmother.”

“It was his time to go,” Kolby said. Following his arrest, Kolby admitted to beating up his grandfather using a baseball bat until the elderly man fell to the floor. Investigators also found a large knife, dripping with blood, lying on the table in the kitchen. “The suspect admitted to retrieving a butcher knife from the table and stabbing the victim in the neck and chest multiple times,” a detective wrote in an affidavit. 

Inside Kolby’s bedroom, investigators also saw the sight of an apron hanging on the wall, and attached to the apron were two plastic, bloody human ears.

“The Family Butcher,” read the words on the apron. It was also reported that one of Kolby’s friends spoke about receiving a call from Kolby where he “sounded high out of his mind.”

“I was like, ‘Is Pops there?’ His grandfather that lives with him. I said, ‘Are you all right?’ He’s like, ‘Pops is done. He [expletive] tried to attack me and I killed him,” the friend said. Charged with second-degree murder and assaulting an officer, Kolby was taken to the Lake County Jail for further proceedings in the case.