Man left his disabled wife trapped in his pickup truck for 5 days. She was “stuck to the seat”

For five days, a woman was put through the horrible ordeal of staying trapped within a pickup truck with no means of moving around or getting out of the vehicle. When the disabled woman was finally taken to the hospital, she was found covered in her own urine and feces while parts of her skin seemed to be deteriorating. She was also found stuck to the seat that a medical lift was required to get her out.

The nightmare for the 48-year-old woman from Kentucky began when she asked her husband to take her to the hospital. The disabled woman, who struggles with cognitive abilities, relies on her husband to take care of some of her needs. However, on July 12, the husband refused to take her to the hospital and left her inside his pickup truck.

With a helpless Sherrie inside the vehicle, the pickup truck was parked outside their home. Neither did the 51-year-old husband take her to the hospital, nor did he agree to take her out of the vehicle despite her repeated cries for help.

Finally, on July 17, Michael drove Sherrie to the hospital after putting her through five days of entrapment. Nurses working at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center discovered Sherrie in such a destitute state that she was “actually stuck to the seat.” She was also covered in her urine and feces, according to details released by the sheriff’s office.

The hospital staff also found that the urine and feces started leaking out of the passenger side door of the vehicle. They had to call up the Frankfort EMS for a medical lift because they could not get Sherrie out of the seat themselves.

When EMS workers arrived at the scene, they “noticed that she was sticking to the seat” after being left in the same position for two days shy of an entire week.

A police citation also said that Sherrie “has numerous sores and places where her skin is deteriorating.”

Thankfully, the hospital staff alerted the authorities after seeing the condition that the disabled woman arrived to the hospital in. “We responded to the hospital because they were so concerned about her body and the condition she was in.” When Sherrie later spoke to the sheriff’s office about what she had been through, she revealed that her husband is her caregiver but left her in the pickup truck for those five harrowing days. She added that she “asked for help from the truck several times,” but Michael refused to offer her any.

Following the incident, Michael Redmon was taken into custody and charged with first-degree criminal abuse. He is held on a cash bond of $10,000 and is being held at the Franklin County Regional Jail.