Major economic expansion in Lawrence is set to bring 84 new jobs and millions of dollars in investments

Lawrence, KS – Ladies and gentlemen, this expansion comes after the state was among Area Development’s Top 20 States for Doing Business for 2021.

Berry Global Group, Inc. announced the expansion of new thermoform production lines and printers that will bring 84 new jobs and $61 million of community investment to the city.

And more thermoform productions will allow Berry Global Group, Inc. to meet the demand for drink cups and lids made from polypropylene.

Gov. Kelly said:

“Berry Global Group, Inc. is a great success story in Lawrence, and we’re glad to see them continue to grow their footprint in Kansas. 

They will be adding to their workforce of approximately 800 people currently at the facility and continuing to make strides on their long-term sustainability strategy, which will have positive impacts on their products, performance and partners well into the future.”