Kansas Highway Patrol car struck, trooper injured while assisting motorist on the Kansas Turnpike

Topeka, KANSAS – According to the Kansas Highway Patrol officials, the crash occurred on the shoulder on the Kansas Turnpike just south of Topeka.

KHP officials said that Master Trooper White had just finished assisting a motorist that had stopped.

The trooper’s vehicle was struck by a commercial motor vehicle that failed to move over for him and he was initially trapped inside his vehicle.

Officials said that the trooper will be okay.

Kansas Highway Patrol officials released the following statement:

“There are too many first responders being struck across our state and country! It doesn’t take much to Move Over, and you could be the one that shows others they should be moving over.

Only 3 feet separates us from traffic at highway speeds, and keeping first responders safe is the 1st line of keeping our highways safe!

Kansas law requires motorists to Move Over for emergency vehicles and if unable then they must slow down.”

This is a developing story and it will be updated as new information become available.