Kansas could finish vaccinating seniors, meatpacking employees and other essential workers and move on to the next phase of coronavirus vaccinations in the next month

Lawrence, KS – According to the officials, some rural communities already have finished vaccinating people in the current phase, which is the state’s largest and includes about 1 million people, or about one-third of the state’s 2.9 million residents.

The second phase includes those over the age of 65, critical workers including firefighters, law enforcement officers, meatpacking employees, grocery store workers, teachers and child-care workers, as well as prisoners.

Middle and high school school students in the largest school district in Kansas will be able to return in-person five days a week after spring break as more staff members are vaccinated and coronavirus numbers improve.

Elementary students already had been in-person five days a week. But older students are attending hybrid classes — at home part of the time and and in-person the rest of the time.