K-State theatre program creates ‘Kansas Theatre Works’ podcast amidst pandemic


KANSAS – Most performing arts venues have been shut down due to the pandemic, but the Kansas State School of Music, Theater and Dance came up with a podcast to bring people entertainment during these uncertain times.

Students, staff, and even alumni came up with the Kansas Theatre Works podcast after having to stop their shows because of coronavirus.

“We were kind of scrambling to figure out how we were going to do some broadcast rights for those shows,” said Jennifer Vellenga, the Associate Director of Theatre at K-State. “Then it occurred to us that we have all these working alums who write. So we asked them to write for us.”

The program just released their latest episode ‘Ho Ho No,’ a Christmas themed episode, to spread some holiday cheer. The original script was written by a group of students back in 2016 and now it has become part of the new streaming platform.

“They wrote Ho Ho No which is an irreverent take on holiday favorites. Some of the songs and stories of the holidays,” Vellenga said.

The program has received feedback from new listeners all around the world and in the end, they said that’s what the podcast is all about. Showing people no matter what is going on in the world there are still ways to bring positivity to the public.