Grieving bride wears her wedding dress to fiance’s funeral after he was killed in crash hours before the wedding

Hours before tying the knot with her beloved partner, Kate lost her groom in a fatal crash that killed him instantly as he sat in the front seat. Twenty-year-old Myles was sitting in the passenger seat when the car, driven by a teenager, slammed into a pole and ended Myles’ life. His unexpected death forced his loved ones to stop looking forward to a wedding and to start preparing for a funeral.

After excitedly looking forward to her wedding day, Kate saw that the entire future she planned for herself and Myles was instantly shattered. “This can’t be real. I can hear your voice going over and over in my head but I can’t see you or touch you, never can I kiss you or hug you or tell you how much I love you,” she wrote on Facebook.

At the same place where Kate dreamed of exchanging vows with her fiancé, she and hundreds of other family and friends released balloons to honor Myles’s memory.

“I’ll always be your lady and you will always be my man,” the devastated bride from Ireland said in a tribute she wrote for Myles. “You used to always sing this to me… nothing compares to the love I have for you. My heart is gone to heaven with you.”

“I’d give anything to see you laugh and to laugh with you again I hope you know I loved you I’m sorry for arguing over stupid things I just wanted to protect you my pretty boy,” she was quoted saying in another social media post.

On August 24, Myles was laid to rest and his devastated bride wore the wedding dress she was meant to wear on their big day. It was “the hardest day of my life,” Kate said.

“Hardest day of my life today, but I know you’re with me every step of the way,” she wrote. “I just really hope you know what I thought of you.”

At the funeral, Kate’s father said, “Myles, this is all Kate wanted her whole life. She got dressed and she is going into you one last time.”

After his funeral, Kate put up a post on social media that said: “I love you forever and a day, it’s never goodbye just a see you later. Can’t wait for a big hug and kiss from you.”

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