Gov. Kelly signed bipartisan House Bill 2239 which provides sales and property tax relief to Kansans impacted by natural disasters

Lawrence, KANSAS – According to the state officials, the measure includes a sales tax exemption for agricultural fencing and empowers county commissions to abate property taxes when the governor has declared a disaster and properties or homesteads have been damaged.

State officials said that it also provides property tax relief by increasing the property tax exemption on all residential properties and providing a property tax refund for seniors and veterans.  

For the fires that occurred in December of 2021, farmers and ranchers who are continuing to replace fencing on their pasture will be able to take advantage of the exemption.

For those who have already replaced their fencing, they will be eligible for a refund.

After July 1, 2022, a sales tax exemption to repair or replace fencing on agricultural land becomes permanent. 

Governor Laura Kelly said:

“When disaster strikes, Kansans need help getting back on their feet. Cutting taxes provides financial relief for farmers and ranchers impacted by wildfires and other natural disasters as they recover their property and livelihoods.”