Gov. Kelly called for school districts to require masks

Lawrence, KS – According to the statement, the latest health department data shows 154 school clusters, with 1,889 cases.

Gov. Kelly said:

“We really want people to understand that this is no fooling around. This is an emergency. Until the vaccine is approved for children under 12, masks can prevent students from quarantining, from getting very sick and dying from COVID-19. We got our kids back into the classroom by following public health guidance, by wearing masks, by getting vaccinated. We will get them there and keep them safe by doing exactly those things.”

She also said that schools in other states have shut down completely over outbreaks. More COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospitals in the state on Wednesday than any other single day since the pandemic began. Intensive care units are at 100% capacity at six of the state’s largest hospitals, she said, with two-thirds of the patients infected with COVID-19.

46.8% of the state’s 2.9 million residents have been fully vaccinated, while the national figure is 51.1% and seven northeast and mid-Atlantic states have rates of more than 60%.