Gov. Kelly announced that Panasonic Energy Co. plans to build one of the largest electric vehicle battery manufacturing facilities of its kind in the United States in Kansas

Lawrence, KANSAS – According to the statement, the company has identified a site in De Soto for the potential project.

The planned project is pending approval by Panasonic Holdings Corporation Board of Directors and it’s expected to create up to 4,000 new jobs and result in an investment of up to $4 billion.

The development will have ripple effects throughout the regional and state economy, supporting an estimated 4,000 additional jobs created by suppliers and community businesses and 16,500 construction jobs as cited in an independent Wichita State University economic impact study.

This planned state-of-the-art facility will create and supply lithium-ion batteries and accelerate the future of electric vehicle innovation on a global scale.

Panasonic Energy’s current U.S. battery manufacturing operation has shipped more than six billion EV battery cells.

Panasonic Energy plans to expand its production of EV batteries as the automotive industry shifts to more sustainable electric technologies.

The proposed development would boost the regional economy, creating opportunities for suppliers and community businesses.

Governor Laura Kelly released the following statement:

“As the largest private investment in Kansas history and one of the largest EV battery manufacturing plants of its kind in the country, this project will be transformative for our state’s economy, providing in total 8,000 high-quality jobs that will help more Kansans create better lives for themselves and their children. Winning this project shows that Kansas has what it takes to compete on a global scale — and that our pro-business climate is driving the technological innovation needed to achieve a more prosperous and sustainable future.”