Genius! He puts his smartphone into an empty shoe box and look what happens!

What a great idea to use a shoe box for this purpose! These days, nearly everyone has a smartphone. With a bit of luck you’ve also got some fun apps like Netflix or YouTube installed on it. If that’s the case for you, you should keep reading, because this simple trick will be just the thing for you! All you need is an empty shoebox, a round magnifying glass and your smartphone.

Believe it or not, but with these three items you can very easily make your own home cinema! In the video below you can see how someone cuts a round hole the size of a magnifying glass into the front of a shoe box. He then places the round glass in front of the hole and puts his smartphone, with the screen facing forwards, into the box.

It’s important to place your phone upside down, though. The magnifying glass will project the screen upside down on your white wall. To make sure your phone remains upright in the shoe box and is easier to place, you can use a large paperclip or fashion something more fancy like in the video below.

When you’ve put on the film you want to see and have placed your smartphone in the right spot, close the lid on the shoe box, turn off the lights and face the box towards a white wall. Have fun in your home cinema!