Franklin County Sheriff’s Office delivers in time for Christmas


LAWRENCE, Kan. – A call to a dispatcher for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office led to a kind of Christmas miracle for a young mother.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office had received several calls about a 24-year-old Princeton woman walking along the highway between Princeton and Ottawa around 7 a.m.

On several occasions, deputies gave the woman a ride to Love’s Truck Stop six miles away. The woman walked each day six miles to work, and then six miles home.

The mother of two would walk to work, to support her family.

On Dec. 9 a small group of deputies got together to discuss what they could do for the young mom.

It didn’t take long before the deputies found a way to help her.

With a donated van and the help of generous citizens and businesses the deputies raised enough money to provide the funds for two new car seats, a Price Chopper gift card, registration for the van and the first year of car insurance.

“I am very proud of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office. This is not just something they did, this shows who they are. I am proud of who they are! This is an example of their commitment to serve our community,” Sgt. Jesse Vega said.

Vega told KSNT the young mom’s determination and drive inspired them. It was Vega’s parents who were able to donate the van.