Former President Donald Trump will relaunch his popular rallies next month in an effort to take political advantage of a series of crises that have already engulfed the fledgling Biden regime

Trump’s team is currently in the process of selecting the two venues. Another one is expected around Independence Day. Former President Trump will hold two rallies in June as he looks to capitalize on a series of crises engulfing President Joe Biden and lay down a marker for 2024, according to an adviser familiar with planning. Those will be followed by a third event around July 3 and are expected to take the form of the airport rallies that dominated the closing months of last year’s election campaign.

“The president is anxious to get back out on the trail and we are getting a lot of offers and invitations from both candidates and political causes in different areas,” an adviser to the former president told the outlet.

The upcoming rallies will be the first since Trump addressed more than 100,000 people in Washington, D.C., Jan. 6, the day of the Capitol riot.

They also will come as the former president moved his base of operations from his home at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.

He was spotted last month at Trump Tower in New York City, where he reportedly enjoys being.

Citing officials familiar with the planning, the Daily Mail also reported that additional high-profile events being scheduled in New Jersey as well. For instance, later this month, a super PAC led by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Make America Great Again Action, will stage a fundraiser at Trump’s Bedminster club.

Meanwhile, there are other developments taking place in TrumpWorld, including ongoing work planning a new social media platform that will feature the former president.

“At the same time, relaxed COVID-19 restrictions on crowds and Biden’s struggles at the border, with fuel lines and a spiraling Middle East confrontation meant the time was right to restart rallies, added the adviser,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Factors under consideration are whether to appear at events with candidates that he has already endorsed or whether to travel to locations that reflect a specific campaign topic,” the outlet added.

In addition, Trump is considering a trip to the chaotic U.S.-Mexico border as tens of thousands of migrants continue to flow illegally into the country in a crisis of epic proportions — to highlight what’s taking place there.

As for whether he’ll run in 2024, Trump has repeatedly teased the idea. But he and his aides, as well as members of his family, have said that decision likely won’t be made until after the 2022 elections are over. That said, his return to staging rallies will likely be a test as to whether Trump still has GOP star appeal and can draw crowds like he used to — crowds which really were unprecedented in modern times, especially when throw in the impromptu vehicle-and-boat parades that involved tens of thousands of supporters.