Eyewitness video taken just eight minutes before a condominium building collapsed in Florida is throwing the entire catastrophic incident in a new light

The video notes that the condominium’s structural problems are unique and unlikely to be related to ‘climate change,’ as has been claimed.

“A woman staying across the street from the Miami high-rise that partially collapsed last week took video minutes before the collapse appearing to show water leaking from the base of the building.”

“Roberto Castillero said that his wife took the video, which she later posted to TikTok with a caption in Spanish: ‘The basement was the first part to collapse,” the report said. “The video shows water streaming down from the garage at Champlain Towers South in Surfside.”

Importantly, there is a paper trail of complaints about ‘standing water’ all over the parking garage and pool leaks.

“But a trove of emails and documents released by Surfside revealed that residents and contractors had been raising concerns about the integrity of the building for years — specifically focusing on structural problems and leaks in the garage and pool area,” NBC reported.

“A commercial pool contractor who was inspecting the pool last week told the Miami Herald that there ‘was standing water all over the parking garage,’ and the biggest puddle of water was by parking spot 78, located under the pool deck, where a contractor in 2018 had reported there was ‘major structural damage’,” it continued.

The eyewitness video accompanies an NBC report that details delayed renovations to repair the structural damage.

“Engineering consultant Frank Morabito had been hired in 2018 to get a start on a 40-year recertification process, as is required under the Miami-Dade County building code. His report indicated that there was ‘abundant cracking’ and crumbling in the underground parking garage of the 12-story building,” NBC reported Thursday.

There have been a number of reports attempting to seize on the Surfside condominium building’s deadly collapse as purported evidence of the destructiveness of climate change.

“Among a long list of hypotheses: climate change,” the report added. “Sea level rise, higher storm surges and more frequent high-tide flooding are deteriorating coastal infrastructure above and below ground.”

The CNN report tellingly hedged heavily on the hypothesis, while suggesting that it is irrelevant whether or not the condo building’s collapse was caused by ‘climate change.’

“At the very least, experts say even the possibility should be a wake-up call to vulnerable communities across the United States: Climate change isn’t a far-future threat; it’s happening now, and with potentially deadly consequences,” the report said.

It is a blatant non-sequitur. ‘Climate change may not have caused this building collapse, but even so, climate change is a threat.’ This is not reporting.

Rolling Stone even called the condominium building collapse a sign of Miami’s ‘climate dystopia.’ The only ‘dystopia’ the U.S. is suffering through right now is one stemming from the blatant propaganda being churned out by the radical leftist media in defiance of the known facts.