Douglas County’s clinic welcomed people in Phases 3 and 4 to get their COVID-19 shots

Lawrence, KS – According to the statement, thousands of people were vaccinated yesterday at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

The clinic was the county’s largest one so far with more than 4,000 people getting their first dose of the vaccine.

Getting that many people vaccinated in seven hours takes a team. Volunteers have refined their system over the last two months as the county’s clinic has grown. The Douglas County’s clinic hit a new milestone, hitting 635 shots in the first hour.

The county has been holding first-dose clinics at the fairgrounds every Wednesday for about two months, and it has added second-dose clinics on Fridays.

With Phases 3 and 4 opening for vaccinations in Kansas, interest in increasing. The new phases include people age 16 to 64 with a preexisting condition and critical workers outside of health care. At the Douglas County clinic, about 70% of shots are going to people in Phase 2 and 30% to people in Phases 3 and 4.