Disabled mother left in bathtub for days while her kids were tied up, locked in a wardrobe by abusive boyfriend

A 27-year-old mother from Missouri was found stuck in the bathtub, in what was later revealed to be an incident of abuse and neglect. The young woman was “suffering from horrific wounds from sitting in the tub reportedly for days.” She was also sitting in “inches of human waste”. The woman has Multiple Sclerosis as well as high functioning autism, which means she would have been unable to get out of the bathtub herself. Bryan, who the woman’s boyfriend and also the father of their 5-year-old twin daughters, was arrested for the alleged abuse of his partner and their two children,.

The woman’s unfortunate situation came to light after Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJC) personnel were called to do a “lift assist” at Snow’s residence. There, they found Snow’s girlfriend in the tub which also contained¬†fecal matter, according to a complaint warrant filed by the Jackson County prosecuting attorney’s office.

Snow allegedly told officers when questioned that he worked two days in Kansas City, and after he’d put his girlfriend in the tub, a friend of theirs was supposed to check on her since he was out of town.

The woman was immediately transferred to a hospital to be treated for severe bedsores and possible infections. After examining the woman, a doctor said that if she hadn’t received emergency medical aid, she could have faced a life-threatening situation.

What turned the case into one of possibe abuse is that when the officers went back to the apartment, they found the couple’s twin girls tied up and hidden in the back of a wardrobe for days. The children were “extremely malnourished”, according to the warrant. The girls had been in the wardrobe the entire time the cops were in the house, rescuing their disabled mother from the bathtub.

The twins were transported to a children’s hospital where they were diagnosed with “physical child abuse, failure to thrive and child neglect (malnourishment).” The girls then confided in the cops that they were afraid of their father and that both parents would choke them.

The Jackson County prosecuting attorney’s office has charged Snow with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child/creating a substantial risk in the first degree and domestic assault in the second degree. It has also been reported that Snow’s bond is set at $65,000 and it is not clear if Snow had retained legal counsel to comment on his behalf.