Couple with a young son together fall off a 25-feet balcony while arguing with each other

No matter how much you love your partner, little disputes are part of the package. While many prefer resolving their squabbles behind closed doors, sometimes things just escalate. That’s exactly what happened between a couple, who accidentally broke through the railings of a balcony during a row. In a terrifying moment that was witnessed by many, the two plunged 25 feet down to the pavement.

The pair, who was identified as 35-year-old Olga and Karlagin, was seen engaged in an angry dispute by passersby who were filming the marvelous view of the street in St Petersburg. “I was walking with my colleague and filming the historic street view. I noticed the row and began to shoot when this happened,” Denis, an eyewitness said. “Someone with medical experience was nearby, and checked their pulses, saying they had both survived. We called an ambulance,” they added. 

The couple, who has a young son together, had crashed to the ground after falling from the second floor of their apartment building. Following the death-defying fall, the two were immediately rushed to the hospital, where they underwent surgery for serious injuries which were not life-threatening. Footage of the incident, which reportedly occurred around 10 am, showed the railing of the balcony becoming loose after the couple leaned on it.

As a result, the pair lost their balance, fell down onto the pavement, and suffered broken limbs. The incident is now being investigated by authorities in St Petersburg to determine whether the balcony was poorly fitted or not. The state prosecutor’s office is also checking if the fittings were in need of repair and if so, charges would be brought against the responsible party.