Church altar is burned down after priest is caught having sex with two corset-wearing dominatrices

When an individual passed by the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church one day, he noticed the lights inside the church still switched on later than usual. Curious to see what was going on inside, the passerby peeked through the church’s window and laid eyes on a sight they didn’t expect to see. Inside the church at the time was Louisiana priest, Father Clark, half-naked on the church’s altar, having a threesome with two other women whilst being surrounded by sex toys.

The stage lights fitted to the altar shined brightly on the priest as he had sex with the two women, dressed in boots and corsets. Also placed a few feet away from them was a mobile phone, kept on a tripod to capture the venereal act unfolding on the church altar.

As the passerby stood at the church window, they whipped out their phone and filmed the sight they chanced upon before passing on the footage to the Pearl River police department. Soon, the priest and the women, one of whom has worked as an adult film producer, were arrested after the incident.

The two women, 41-year-old Mindy Lynn Dixon of Kent, Washington, and 28-year-old Melissa Kamon Cheng of Alpharetta, Georgia,┬áreportedly told officers that they were filming “roleplay” with Father Clark inside the church.

A day before the trio was caught in the act, a post from an account associated with Dixon spoke of an impending rendezvous. The post said she was on her way to New Orleans, where she would meet another dominatrix and together they would “defile a house of God.”

After news of the priest and his two dominatrices spread, the Archdiocese of New Orleans decided to have the altar removed from the church and burned down completely before having a new altar take its place.

Calling the priest’s act “demonic,” Archbishop Gregory Aymond said, “His obscene behavior was deplorable. His desecration of the altar in the Church was demonic. I am infuriated by his actions. When the details became clear, we had the altar removed and burned.” Initially, the former priest and the two women were arrested with obscenity charges placed on them because their threesome on the altar could be seen by people all the way from the street.

However, in March 2021, they faced lighter charges that were related to the vandalism of the church during the incident. The District Attorney Warren Montgomery’s office said the three of them “knowingly vandalizing, defacing, or otherwise damaging property and causing damage valued at over $500 and under $50,000.”

Bradley S. Phillips, a lawyer representing the women also spoke about the dominatrices after they were charged on lesser counts of institutional vandalism. “It is clear the State went out of its way to contort the facts of this case in order to fit their own narrative,” Phillips said. “Once again, they have overstepped their bounds at this nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to regulate the morality of private individuals. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it criminal. My clients look forward to their day in court as we continue to fight this baseless allegation.”