A Wichita thief who almost hit his victim with her own car will serve 9 1/2 years in prison

KANSAS – His name is Curlie L. Guiden, 55-year-old, and he was sentenced last week on one count of robbery and two counts of aggravated assault. Curlie L. Guiden will be supervised for two years after serving the 114-month prison term.

He almost ran over the woman, after she returned home, in the 500 block of East Dewey. He was standing in her doorway holding a pillow case, pushed the victim down and drove off in her car, nearly striking her.

Guiden then drove in a big circle and almost hit her a second time. The woman’s car was later recovered in a nearby parking lot. Investigators took photographs and collected latent prints for analysis.

He pleaded guilty early last month. His defense lawyer wrote in court filings that drug use drove him to commit the crimes.