A new college campus could be coming to the Kansas City area

KANSAS – According to the statement, the Kansas Department of Corrections wants to build a career campus.

The officials have reported that they want to build the campus on the grounds at Lansing Correctional Facility’s maximum/medium security unit.

98% of people incarcerated at the facility currently will be returning to society one day, and they need the education and skills to help them from returning to criminal behavior.

The first step toward raising the estimated $25-30 million to build it was signing of House Bill 2401.

The bill authorizes the corrections secretary to enter into agreements for public-private partnerships for education projects at correctional institutions and establishes a nonprofit corporation to receive donations.

Supporters say half of the people who return to prison are unemployed at the time, and by educating prisoners, they’ll not only cut down on recidivism, but also help fill many of the jobs in the labor shortage right now.