2-year-old twins plummet down to their deaths from 10-floor apartment while mother records video on Facebook

A month after a 2-year-old twins celebrated their second birthday, the twin brother and sister plummeted several feet to their painful deaths while their mother was recording a video on Facebook. It was only when somebody showed up at their front door when the mother stopped recording the video. The twin girl and boy, Beatrice and Moise, were reportedly at home and being looked after by their mother’s friend. Meanwhile, the children’s mother, Andreea, was streaming a live video on Facebook on the ill-fated night of August 11, 2021.

At some point, the toddlers fell from an open window on the 10th floor of the apartment building. Soon, first responders and ambulances arrived at the scene, and the sound could be heard in the live stream that their mother, Andreea, was recording with a cigarette in her hand. Andreea continued chatting with her virtual audience for another 3 minutes and 30 seconds while first responders tended to the bodies of the fallen twins. She stopped the video only when she was interrupted by the police that began knocking on her front door of the apartment in Romania.

Following the incident, both the mother and friend, Alina, had two different stories on what happened before the young toddlers fell down 10 stories to their deaths. Andreea claimed that her older son didn’t get along with the twins, so she was sleeping with him in another bedroom while Alina was looking after the toddlers. Later, when Andreea came out to check on her twins, she found them missing.

In addition to this, Andreea also claimed that the room, which is usually neatly kept, was left in a complete mess with nappies all over the place. Items were upside down and even the mattress was lying on the floor. Andreea accused her friend, Alina, of having some involvement in her twin’s death and said that it would have been impossible for her young twins to have moved around the items in the room on their own.

On the other hand, Alina accused Andreea of being a careless mother. She claimed that she wanted to be a full-time nanny and took great care of twins, Beatrice and Moise. While the mother and friend maintain different versions of the story, there are witnesses that said they saw the toddlers climbing on the open window of the room, from which they are believed to have fallen.

Currently, investigations are still going on to find out the events that led to Beatrice and Moise tumbling down to their deaths. Andreea, who unobliviously live-streamed a video on Facebook at the time of her children’s death, once again took to social media to share her grief over their loss. She posted a video on TikTok that captured her placing flowers on the graves of her twins.