15-year-old boy from Maryland sexually assaulted adult neighbor at knifepoint in her house

A 15-year-old boy from Maryland has been arrested and charged in a case of home invasion and sexual assault by the police. The teen is being tried as an adult in these cases. The 15-year-old boy is being charged with first-degree rape, first-degree assault, and home invasion. Details of the shocking crime reveal that the boy threatened his victim, who was his neighbor, at knifepoint and assaulted her. The attack was planned out by him, who was already inside the house when his victim arrived. He even had his face covered with a mask, investigation revealed.

The victim had just returned home on First Street in Rockville around 11 PM after grocery shopping. After putting away her groceries she went upstairs and walked into the bathroom. She was still unaware of the intruder in the house. Vasquez grabbed her from behind and wrapped his arm around her neck.

He then pulled the victim to the bedroom where he brandished the knife. Holding her under the threat of the knife, he raped her and fled from the house. When she heard him leave the house, the woman ran to her vehicle and called the police. An investigation was launched.

As part of the investigation, the police acquired surveillance footage that showed the assaulter leave the house and running from it, only to enter the backdoor of a house on the same street. Personnel from the Crime Scene unit even managed to recover latent prints from the victim’s home, a press release from the police department stated. The recovered prints were analyzed by personnel from the Latent Print Unit and it was determined to belong to Vasquez. The rape took place on April 29 and the following day a warrant was acquired. Vasquez was arrested on the strength of a warrant.

Vasquez was questioned by the police during which time he admitted to the crime and was found guilty. He was transported to the Central Processing Unit where he is being held without bond. The police department has not released a picture of the minor. However, he is being tried as an adult in court. When there are aggravating factors involved in the sexual assault cases involving minors, the criminal justice system tries the teens as adults. This usually happens to adolescents over a certain age such as sixteen or seventeen.